HammerHead Spearguns Rock!!!

Today we had our best day of diving ever. It was absolutely incredible. My friends and I took my father’s boat out for a day of diving the Waianae Coast and it was awesome. We weren’t expecting much as this was Oahu but all of a sudden we ran into this baitball that was surrounded by ulua, aku, ahi, kamanu, and tons and tons of sharks. All together we shot 5 ulua (77#, 71#, 45#, 35#, 19#: one for each person), a 35# ahi, a 20# uku, a 22# kamanu, 13# kawakawa, and enough aku for poke. We shot all these fish using HH Evolution 110’s, 120’s, and 130’s with the high capacity Remora Reels. Not only are the HH Evolutions the most accurate spearguns on the market they are some of the most powerful and will land you a ton of fish.

Thanks HammerHead Spearguns for making days like this possible,

Da Team