Na Pono O I’a Hawaii


At HammerHead we are not your grandfather’s spearfishing company, we develop the next generation of spearfishing equipment utilizing cutting edge technologies and materials to dive deeper and spear larger fish.  However the best spearfishing equipment is only half the story at HammerHead Spearguns we live the spearo-lifestyle diving, teaching, filming, and sharing what we do with the community.  At HammerHead we live to spear and spear to eat.

Mission Statement

HammerHead Spearguns exists to promote a lifestyle of sustainable harvest and consumption of aquatic life.

We accomplish this mission by:

Living to Spear, Spearing to Eat.   We have a passion for diving Backyards, Blackwaters, or Billabongs it does not matter where the water is if its wet we’ll have our mask on, our rubbers cocked, and fish in the boat.

It’s in our DNA.  As hunters we are also innovators, thinking and conceptualizing the very best way to dive deeper or take down big fish.  With more current patents and patents pending than any other speargun company today you can really say “It’s in our DNA”.

Sharing what we do.  Your reading this for a reason and it’s because we want to share our passion, innovation, and love for spearfishing with all who support our mission statement.


A Message from our Founder

Aloha and Mahalo for reading, my name is Kevin Sakuda and several years ago I started molding speargun modification-kits in the kitchen sink of my apartment.  As a commercial spearfisherman I needed the best equipment

As a youth in Hawaii my life revolved around fishing, diving, and the harvest of marine life.  For me fishing was not recreation but “life and sustenance” and immediately after high school I became a licensed commercial spearfisherman. 

As a commercial spearfisherman my income depended not only upon my skill as a diver but also on the efficiency and the effectiveness of my equipment.  As a commercial spearfisherman I needed a speargun that was accurate and efficient as only head shots counted, other shots to the body that damaged the flesh = FAIL and resulted in a fish that was un-sellable.  

Because spearguns at that time were incredibly noisy, ineffective, or just didn’t shoot too well, many commercial spearfishers in Hawaii modifed existing spearguns to meet our rigorous demands for accuracy, efficiency, and silent shooting.   These improved spearguns, which were now quiet and accurate, allowed us to harvest multiple fish from a school or rock pile.  One of the key modifications we made as commercial divers was the open muzzle conversion and in 2002 with the help of a friend who worked in the casting industry I began molding my first open muzzle modifications.   Quickly my kitchen sink became a mini-production line and in 2004 HammerHead Muzzles™ the company was created, named after my signature open muzzle design with elevator bar wings.

Through friends and an online shop called e-Bay the uniqueness and key advantages of HammerHead Muzzles™ began to spread.  To stay ahead of the competition the “Evolution” project was born with the goal of designing a new speargun fully rigged for Hawaiian style of commercial spearfishing.

Once on the market the Evolution Speargun™ was immediately crowned “The Most Accurate Speargun” by two different spearfishing publications Hawaii Skin Diver and Spearing Magazine. With the success of the Evolution my muzzle molding company now had to move from my kitchen sink into a one-car garage where speargun manufacturing of tying bands, cutting of barrels, and assembly of all the components now occurred.  

Named “Evolution” for the continuous improvements (evolutions) that were designed into the speargun I was fortunate enough to met Carl Kurpansky of National Dive Manufacturing and I began learning from his 50 years of experience in the dive equipment manufacturing industry.  Always the supporter of enthusiastic young divers and their innovations Carl allowed me to make my own spear-shafts at his facility during during times that did not interfere with his company’s operations.  With Carl’s help nearly every component of the Evolution Speargun™ except for the handle was made in the US.  Furthermore not only was I able to design each US made component but I also built many of these parts myself so I understood not only their purpose for spearing fish but also the optimal process for manufacturing efficiency.

In 2008 the company headquarters finally moved out of my one-car garage into a fully functioning warehouse and the name was changed from HammerHead Muzzles™ to HammerHead Spearguns™.   Although my kitchen sink is now filled with dirty dishes not muzzle molds HammerHead Spearguns has maintained it’s innovative origins with a vertical manufacturing process right here in the USA.

Mahalo Nui Loa,

Kevin Sakuda


HammerHead Spearguns is always the innovator view this timeline of innovations and see how many of our ideas have been copied by others in the industry:

2002 – First resin cast open muzzle design, with molded line guide on the bottom

2003 – Winged open muzzle design aka the HammerHead Muzzle™ (copied by Blue-tec in 2007)

2004 – Ultra-streamlined Reef™ Open Muzzle with off-set band holes (copied by Omer in 2006)

2005 – Extruded Aluminum Railed Barrel (copied by Effesub in 2007, Mako in 2009)

2005 – Angle drilled pinned shafts

2006 – Power Helix Exchangeable Band System (copied by Beuchat in 2010, Cressi 2012)

2006 – Red & Black Rubber/Speargun Color Combo (copied by Persistant 2010, Esclapez in 2011, Cressi in 2012)

2007 – Attack Pak Mono Coil & Crimp Combo

2008 – Ambush Rashguards with Chest loading pad, over a 1 mm neoprene base

2008 – Internally ballasted speargun barrels

2009 – Adpatiation^2, REV, Wetsuits & Bermuda Shorts

2009 – Spearfishing Apparel Line

2010 – Lion Buster Pole Spears