Evolution shafts, 17-4 Stainless Steel Shafts (Euro cut)

 MADE IN THE USA!!!  At HammerHead Spearguns we are proud to say our spear shafts are made from the finest quality American sourced Stainless Steel and heat-treated to perfection right right here in the USA. 

Manufactured from 17-4 PH Stainless Steel and heat-treated for perfection HammerHead Evolution shafts are Ultra-straight, ultra-hard shafts and have two heavy duty welded fins and Hawaiian style floppers or 6 mm threaded ends.

HammerHead Evolution Shafts are designed to fit into the HammerHead Evolution or any other European style mechanism, based upon manufacturer's recommendations.

Sizes available 17/64" (6.75mm),  9/32" (7mm), 19/64" (7.45 mm)  diameters. 

As HammerHead Spearguns manufactures all of our shafts in-house right here in the USA customizations such as multiple fins, loading tabs, double floppers, welded floppers, high luster polishing, etc. are no problem.

» USA Stainless Steel - rust and corrosion resistant
» Made in the USA
» Heat Treated 17-4 for additional stiffness
» Hawaiian style Flopper
» Welded fins set back for maximum band stretch
» Available in 17/64" and 9/32" diameters

17/64" Diameter
Model Size
HHC0101 Evolution Shaft, 17/64" x 85 cm
HHC0102 Evolution Shaft, 17/64" x 95 cm
HHC0104 Evolution Shaft, 17/64" x 105 cm
HHC0105 Evolution Shaft, 17/64" x 130 cm
HHC0106 Evolution Shaft, 17/64" x 140 cm
HHC0107 Evolution Shaft, 17/64" x 150 cm
HHC0108 Evolution Shaft, 17/64" x 160 cm
HHC0109 Evolution Shaft, 17/64" x 170 cm


9/32" Diameter
Model Size
HHC0768 Evolution Shaft, 9/32" x 120 cm
HHC0769 Evolution Shaft, 9/32" x 130 cm
HHC0770 Evolution Shaft, 9/32" x 140 cm
HHC0771 Evolution Shaft, 9/32" x 150 cm
HHC0772 Evolution Shaft, 9/32" x 160 cm
HHC0773 Evolution Shaft, 9/32" x 170 cm



Name Model
Evolution, 17/64" x 85cm  HHC0101
Evolution, 17/64" x 95cm HHC0102
Evolution, 17/64" x 105cm HHC0104
Evolution, 17/64" x 130cm HHC0105
Evolution, 17/64" x 140cm HHC0106
Evolution, 17/64" x 150cm HHC0107
Evolution, 17/64" x 160cm HHC0108
Evolution, 17/64" x 170 cm HHC0109


Name Model
Evolution, 9/32" x 120 cm  HHC0768
Evolution, 9/32" x 130 cm HHC0769
Evolution, 9/32" x 140 cm HHC0770
Evolution, 9/32" x 150 cm HHC0771
Evolution, 9/32" x 160 cm HHC0772
Evolution, 9/32" x 170 cm HHC0773


Shaft, Evolution, 17/64" x 170 cm


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