Hammerhead Evolution2 Karbon Camo

The HammerHead Evolution2™ Karbon brings you the same great features as the beloved HammerHead Evolution2, yet upgraded with a Carbon-Fiber barrel making this already accurate set-up even more deadly to fish with its amazing maneuverability.  

Created by HammerHead Spearguns founder Kevin Sakuda for unparalleled accuracy the HammerHead Evolution2™  starts with the Evolution2™ Open Muzzle based upon the original Reef commercial spearfishing design that started HammerHead.

Powering the HammerHead Evolution2™ are twin circular Power Helix™ Bands, the first ever interchangeable wishbone system commercially available.

All Evolution2™ Spearguns are then matched with precision-machined American made 17-4 Stainless Steel Heat Treat Shafts designed with weld fin tabs set 2.5" from the rear to maximize band stretch and power.

Contoured ergonomic grips maintain the divers wrist in "strong-fist" position allowing the diver to maximize their strength while firing to prevent recoil and kick with increasing shot power.

Finally each Evolution2™  Speargun is professionally rigged by hand right here in Hawaii with mono shooting line, loading pad, and front-end bungee all standard features.

» Open Muzzle - Dual Bands
» Pistol grip
» Easy to use, one handed safety
» Stainless Steel Side Line Release
» Stainless Steel Trigger Pull
» Reverse Trigger Mechanism - Max band stretch, more power.
» Power Helix bands - Removable band system, nylon coated Dyneema wishbones and bridles
» Mono shooting line, loading pad, bungee are all standard features
» Precision-machined 17-4, Heat-Treated Stainless Steel Shafts with welded fin tabs
» Carbon Fiber Barrel, Full rail, with Camo Wrap Pelagic Blue or Red Abush.
» Reel mount - Reel ready
» 2 year limited warranty under normal usage

NORCAL & PACIFIC NW - Rockfish & Halibut
SOCAL & BAJA - White Sea Bass, Yellowtail, Grouper, Kelp Bass, Halibut, Dorado, & Pelagics
HAWAII - Ulua, Mu, Mahimahi, Ono, Kumu, Uhu, & other Reef and Pelagics
FLORIDA & GULF - Jacks, Cobia, Grouper, Snapper, Dolphin, & other Reef and Pelagics
EAST COAST - Stripe Bass & Bluefish
FRESH WATER - Stripe Bass, Walleye, & Carp


EVOLUTION2 5/8th Band & 17/64" Shaft
Name Model Length Barrel Band Shaft Shaft Model
Evolution2 75 HHE1548 46" 30" dual 5/8" x 20" 17/64" x 44"
Evolution2 90 HHE1549 56" 36" dual 5/8" x 22" 17/64" x 52" 
Evolution2 100 HHE1550 60" 40" dual 5/8" x 24" 17/64" x 56" HHC0106
Evolution2 110
HHE1551 64" 44" dual 5/8" x 26" 17/64" x 60" HHC0107
Evolution2 120
HHE1552 68" 48" dual 5/8" x 28" 17/64" x 64" HHC0108
Evolution2 130
HHE1553 72" 52" dual 5/8" x 30" 17/64" x 68" HHC0109



EVOLUTION2 16mm Band & 7mm Shaft
Name Model Length Barrel Band Shaft Shaft Model
Evolution2 75 
HHE1548  115cm 75cm dual 16mm x 55cm
7mm x 115cm
Evolution2 90 HHE1549 140cm
90cm dual 16mm x 60cm 7mm x 130cm HHC0105
Evolution2 100 HHE1550 150cm 100cm dual 16mm x 65cm 7mm x 140cm 
Evolution2 110
HHE1551 160cm 110cm dual 16mm x 70cm
7mm x 150cm HHC0107
Evolution2 120
HHE1552 170cm 120cm
dual 16mm x 75cm 7mm x 160cm HHC0108
Evolution2 130
HHE1553 180cm 130cm dual 16mm x 80cm 7mm x 170cm HHC0109


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