Hammerhead Evolution2™ Speargun

EVOLUTION... the incremental succession of speargun perfection.

THE MOST ACCURATE speargun in America as independently tested by Hawaii Skindiver Magazine* and Spearing Magazine out of Florida**.

Confidence in your ability and equipment puts fish on the plate. Every element of the HammerHead Evolution2™ complements the next for consistent and accurate shots dive-in and dive-out under the most demanding of situations.

The unique precision of the HammerHead Evolution2™  starts with the streamline and hydrodynamic Evolution2™ Open Muzzle that  holds twin Power Helix™ Bands.

To further guide the shot and minimize speargun recoil and "kick" the barrels of all HammerHead Evolution2™  poses a slick track and are ballasted for neutrality, sound dampening, and recoil minimization.

All Evolution2™ Spearguns are then matched with precision-machined American made 17-4 Stainless Steel Heat Treat Shafts designed with pin tabs set 2.5" from the rear to maximize band stretch and power.

Contoured ergonomic grips maintain the divers wrist in "strong-fist" position allowing the diver to maximize their strength while firing to prevent recoil and kick with increasing shot power. Additionally the Evolution2™ model features an adjustable trigger pull to accommodate a wide range of hand sizes and glove thicknesses.

Finally each Evolution2™  Speargun is professionally rigged by hand with mono shooting line, loading pad, and front-end bungee all standard features. HammerHead Evolution2™ Easy to Use, Easy Aim, Easy to Load, Easy to Shoot, and Easy to take home your next dinner or new World Record.

*Hawaii Skin Diver #32 - HammerHead Evolution was tested against Beuchat Carbone, Effesub Blackblade, H. Dessault Quattro, Omer Cobra, Omer Cayman Carbon, Omer Cayman HF, Picasso Century FH, Ruffe Euro, and Seac Sub X-fire. To view a video of test results view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4jnUCUtcMU

**Spearing Magazine #3 - HammerHead Evolution was tested against and significantly our performed Aimrite Venom, Beuchat Marlin, and Orca Thula.

» Open Muzzle
» Pistol grip
» Stainless Side line release
» Reverse Trigger Mechanism
» Power X-change bands with nylon coated Dyneema™ wishbones and bridles
» Mono shooting line, loading pad, bungee, & safety grip all standard features
» Precision-machined 17-4 Heat-Treat Stainless Steel Shafts
» Integrated aluminum track rail
» Reel mount
» Assembled in the USA
» 2 year limited warranty under normal usage

NORCAL & PACIFIC NW - Rockfish & Halibut
SOCAL & BAJA - White Sea Bass, Yellowtail, Grouper, Kelp Bass, Halibut, Dorado, & Pelagics
HAWAII - Ulua, Mu, Mahimahi, Ono, Kumu, Uhu, & other Reef and Pelagics
FLORIDA & GULF - Jacks, Cobia, Grouper, Snapper, Dolphin, & other Reef and Pelagics
EAST COAST - Stripe Bass & Bluefish
FRESH WATER - Stripe Bass, Walleye, & Carp


EVOLUTION 9/16th Band & 17/64" Shaft
Name Model Length Barrel Band Shaft
Evolution 55 HHE0110 38" 22" dual 9/16" x 15" 17/64" x 34"
Evolution 65 HHE0111 42" 26" dual 9/16" x 17" 17/64" x 38"
Evolution 75 HHE0112 46" 30" dual 9/16" x 20" 17/64" x 44"
Evolution 90
HHE0113 56" 36" dual 9/16" x 22" 17/64" x 52"
Evolution 100
HHE0114 60" 40" dual 9/16" x 24" 17/64" x 56"
Evolution 110
HHE0115 64" 44" dual 9/16" x 26" 17/64" x 60"
Evolution 120 HHE0116 68" 48" dual 9/16" x 28" 17/64" x 64"



EVOLUTION 9/16th Band & 17/64" Shaft
Name Model Length Barrel Band Shaft
Evolution 55 HHE0110 95cm 55cm dual 14mm x 37cm 6.75mm x 85cm
Evolution 65 HHE0111 105cm 65cm dual 14mm x 42cm 6.75mm x 95cm
Evolution 75 HHE0112 115cm 75cm dual 14mm x 50cm 6.75mm x 110cm
Evolution 90
HHE0113 140cm 90cm dual 14mm x 55cm 6.75mm x 130cm
Evolution 100
HHE0114 150cm 100cm dual 14mm x 60cm 6.75mm x 140cm
Evolution 110
HHE0115 160cm 110cm dual 14mm x 65cm 6.75mm x 150cm
Evolution 120 HHE0116 170cm 120cm dual 14mm x 70cm 6.75mm x 160cm



LOVE THE GUN.. Just got it as a graduation present, went out the same day and shot my first mu. I'd like to give you a picture

— David T.

hammerhead spearguns

Recently I had the privilege of being able to hunt the water off of San Clemente Island, Ca. The only thing better that the 40-60 foot vis and the company in which I was diving was the performace of your 110cm Evolution Speargun. I was able to take fish after fish with superb accuracy and reliability. I was so pleased with toyt product that I had to say "Thank You" to you guys. Keep up the good work.

— Nolan R.

hammerhead spearguns hammerhead spearguns hammerhead spearguns

I have a Evo 130cm that has now shot some really nice fish, of which include an 18 1/2 lbs Omilu, a 9 lbs PauPau and several other descent and good fish.

— Pete T.

hammerhead spearguns

Filled the igloo!!! All of the hogs were that size!

— Luis V.

hammerhead spearguns

My wife Molly shot her first fish down there with my Evolution 120, a 5lb bumphead parrotfish.She also nailed pargo, yellowtail, hogfish and more ulu's with that thing.

— Jon R.

hammerhead spearguns

Using the 75cm when I was in Florida last week-It kicked ass! Accurate, great weight and mobility.

— Scott O.

hammerhead spearguns

Howz dis, my First dive sesh on with my new HammerHead Gun.  Evo 110 cm with Remora Reel da easiest most accurate gun on da market!!!

— Cody K.

hammerhead spearguns

Open Muzzle and two strong 9/16th bands with cord wishbones made this gun easy and safe to reload. Gun was very accurate and the built in track made for easy reloading.

— Kurt T.

hammerhead spearguns

The sea is teaming with large fish for us to spear. I just thought I would take a second to say that the 130 cm Hammerhead gun worked flawlessly on my Tuna trip. I used it for a back up shot on a 190 and 160 pound YellowFin tuna. You have some of the best equipment around.

— Dan S.

i just got my 120 and tested it yesturday ..............and shot a blue uhu. . . . . . . . . . . . . . its sick...........keep up the good guns. shoots

— Eric

Hammer head guns and accesories are Da best! i got my largest fish/my first ulua with your gun in 110cm.

— Jace R.

Well, just went diving today with the new Hammerhead Evolution speargun I got while in Oahu.  The first shot with this gun was on a nice sized Uhu. When it was within range, I let her rip. STONED! Not even a twitch. I was shocked because I've used other pipe guns, but with the HH muzzle that fits perfectly to the track, the shaft flew exactly where I aimed.

— Sean S.

hammerhead spearguns

Well, I was able to take out the 75cm HammerHead about a week and a half ago. It's freakin Awesome! It moves great in the water, Super quiet and fast to reload. I took 4 carp in really bad vis. The others out that day got 1 or 2 carp. I would actually shoot one carp and the other carp around wouldn't take off like before, just keep swimming like nothing happened- It was cool.  It is now my Favorite gun and everyone wants to try it.  Great - Great Gun!

— Scott

hammerhead spearguns hammerhead spearguns

I actually like the HH better than my other gun! Less recoil, American made, and pin-point accuracy.

— Dan S.

My HammerHead 120 cm is incredible. I can not miss. My shot on a knifejaw was the best. It’s a good-one.

— Romain D.

hammerhead spearguns

My Evo hits right where I aim. I got my biggest AJ on a rig about 30 minutes before dark. Jumped in and had about 20 ft viz but it was pretty hazy. On my second dive, I saw it out of the corner of my eye and made a couple kicks toward it. Took a 10 ft shot and hit exactly where I was aiming(right behind the gill plate). he put up a pretty good fight, and by the time I got it to the surface my shaft was trashed.

— Jared S.

hammerhead spearguns

South shore action today.  My 130 is working perfect

— Mike W.

hammerhead spearguns hammerhead spearguns

Got the biggest lingcod so far wih my new HammerHead Evolution 75cm. Solid gun, shoot straighjt, Aurai!

— Joshua T.

hammerhead spearguns

The HammerHead Evolution is my around gun. Its great not having to put so much upgrades into the gun considering that the evolution comes stock with all the upgrades you would usually make on a euro gun.

— Kaoru L.

hammerhead spearguns hammerhead spearguns

I was in the market for a new speargun after a close call with a metal wishbone. Being a beginner I wanted something reliable and popular. I didn't see much HammerHead out at that time, but the design was like a eye candy. I had doubts because I wa a beginner and was used to open muzzles. I went home that night holding a HammerHead Evo 100cm and could not wait to use it the following day. I jumped in the water, pulled back the bands (impressed at how simple it was load) and headed out to look for dinner. I dropped down, squeezed the trigger and watched my shaft go through the gill plate of a #9 uhu. Reliable, Accurate, Deadly!!! Just what i wanted!!!

— Joseph A.

hammerhead spearguns

My boyfriend used his HammerHead Evolution to shoot his 1st white sea bass from shore. Thanks for keeing us happy:)

— Setia J.

hammerhead spearguns

I shot my personal best sheapshead at San Simeon with a HammerHead gun I won from the Randy Fry Fundraiser. Thanks for the gear and supporting Randy Fry.

— Johnathon H.

hammerhead spearguns

Slayed 'em all day on the gulf with the HammerHead

— Cody R.

hammerhead spearguns

Lingcod Fish and Chips courtesy of my HammerHead Evolution 55cm.

— David S.

71 pound Ulua shot at the baitball along with a 35 pound ahi. My HammerHead shoots and lands big fish!!!

— Shay M.

hammerhead spearguns

Hello, I just want to share how I love my Hammerhead gun. It held its ground against a 5 foot 40 pound Leopard Shark with no reel or float. The shaft did not even bend an inch. It was taken with an EVO 100cm.

— Juan Carlos G.

hammerhead spearguns

by: Brandon T.

Gotta be the new gun. 11 pound omilu and a 10 pound uhu

— Brandon T.

Hello, several days ago, i sent my speargun to honolulu because the pin in my muzzle had broken off. I sent the gun in on a tuesday, and i got my gun back on friday! I was extremely impressed with the service i received and i\'m ecstatic because now i can go out tomorrow (today is saturday). I also noticed that the person who took care of my gun also swapped out my plastic line release with a metal one and sent me a t-shirt along with my gun. The evolution speargun has really impressed me with it\'s accuracy, but it hasn\'t impressed me as much as your customer service. Thanks again :) your loyal customer, Reece

— Reece

Let me start by saying thank you and your team for having such EXCELLENT customer service. I’m still a little shocked on the follow up e-mail you sent me cause I've never seen a company care that much about its customers. Anywho the new SS line release is AWSOME and being the first person on Maui to have one makes me smile just thinking about it. Took out my E2 yesterday actually and got a couple Kalas for mother’s day dinner. I was very impressed on how accurate it shot, how user friendly the safety is, and the details you guys put into it. I can't thank you guys enough for giving me such great service. Keep up the outstanding job guys I really mean it.

— Mark J.

I wanted to thank you for helping me pick the right gun for both my Hawaii reef free diving and my Pacific NW spear fishing.  It has worked perfect for both.  This is a pic from my first time out after returning from Maui.   Nice bag of Ling Cod.

— Paul D.

hammerhead spearguns
EVOLUTION 9/16th Bands & 17/64" Shaft
Name Model            
Evolution 55 HHE0110
Evolution 65 HHE0111
Evolution 75 HHE0112
Evolution 90 HHE0113
Evolution 100 HHE0114
Evolution 110 HHE0115
Evolution 120 HHE0116


hammerhead speargunshammerhead speargunshammerhead spearguns